Three Greek Dishes You Must Try When Visiting The Country


olives-1266665_640Greek cuisine features all kinds of great food dishes. You may have tried some Greek food in other countries, but it doesn’t get more authentic than traveling to Greece and sampling all of the finest delicacies in their home country. It’s traditional Mediterranean cuisine at its finest, whether you’re up for a delicious gyro or a simple appetizer of olives mixed in olive oil.

You can certainly enjoy olives in olive oil anywhere in the world. However, this is a dish you want to try when visiting Greece, a place known for its plump, juicy and delicious olives and the natural oil they are marinaded in. Both are cooking staples in the country, so you’re going to encounter plenty of dishes cooked in olive oil and that require olives as an ingredient, too.

Have you heard of fish roe dip? There are actually all kinds of dips that you can try, one of them being a cucumber and garlic dip which many associate with the lamb gyros. While in Greece, you want to try the fish roe dip, the technical name being Taramasalata. There are different ways this dip can be made, but a bread base is quite popular. Olive oil is also part of the equation. This authentic Greek dish is one that you don’t want to leave the country without trying.

One more Greek dish you can’t pass up is layered Moussaka. Different meats baked in a dish with potatoes, veggies, cheeses and more is what you get with this traditional meal. Of course, there are plenty of other great foods to try, like the fast food gyros and the skewers that are known to be so popular in Greece, too. You might as well have it all as you travel to Greece. Think about all of the great grilled meats and Mediterranean style delicacies that await you.

How Much Power Does An Electric Car Require?

Electric cars have become quite popular in this day and age. That’s because of the numerous benefits offered by an electric car compared to a car that runs on gasoline. It is much cheaper to maintain an electric car. Hence, it is good for your pocket in the long term. On the other hand, an electric car is environmentally friendly too. That is why you need to invest in an electric car without delay. Many customers are confused as to how much power does an electric car require. This article provides information on how much power does an electric car need.

Similar to petrol and diesel engine cars, the consumption of an electric car depends on its make and model. When it comes to an electric car, we don’t talk regarding liters per one-hundred miles but kilowatt hours per one-hundred miles. In fact, many factors need to be taken into consideration when calculating the exact consumption of an electric car. Most electric vehicles in Europe will cover between 80 and 100 kilometers with ten kWh. In fact, the cost of electricity per 100 kilometers is well below € 3. Most of the time, it is € 2. While a petrol or diesel car would convert only 35% of its energy into driving force, an electric car would save almost 90% or more into driving force. That is why you need to invest in an electric car without further delay. It will help save your hard earned money in the long run.

In conclusion, electric cars have become extremely popular with a majority of car owners in this day and age. Even car lease specials in New York is thinking to offer electric cars. That is because of the numerous advantages offered by such a car. The above article provides information on how much power does an electric car need.

Where To Go to Sell Your House Quickly?

Are you looking for the fastest way to sell your home? Plenty of other homeowners find themselves in the same situation. Perhaps you need quick cash to pay for an emergency. Or maybe you need to move to a new location as quickly as possible. Whatever the reason is, you should understand that there is a faster process to selling your home compared to the traditional way of having it listed on house listing websites. Keep reading to learn where you should go if you want to sell house fast.

There are plenty of companies that can purchase your home almost in an instant. You do not have to go through the tiresome process of hiring a real estate agent, setting up an open house, and entertaining potential buyers into your property. All you need to do is to contact a property buying company to look at your home.

The primary benefit of working with we buy houses company is that they can purchase your house in cash right away. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning your property, taking out personal stuff and all of the things associated with a traditional home’s sale. Even if there are plenty of stuff that needs to be fixed in your home, the company can still opt to purchase it without any problems.

Of course, the catch is you will end up getting a lower value than what are you could get by selling your home the traditional way. However, even if you get less money, this may still prove to be the more cost-effective option, especially during an emergency. You can exchange your house for cash almost instantaneously, and this level of convenience is something you will never enjoy any traditional homes sale.

Creating Brand Awareness With Email Marketing

No matter how long you have been the owner of a company, you know that branding is an important aspect of the business that must be tended to. Of course, exactly what and how to do that is where many folks begin to run into problems. There are various things that you can do to build up brand awareness, including developing and using an Healthcare Email List or any other.

If you don’t already have an email list, you will need to start making one. These should never be purchased lists. Instead, you want to gather the email addresses from folks who are interested in your products and services. Your first message should be a confirmation, and all of them should have an easy to use opt-out link at the bottom.

Once you have the list, you have to use it correctly. Don’t make the mistake of just sending out a bunch of sales ads and think that is going to get you business. While people might have an interest in the stuff you have to offer, they need to get something more from you before they are going to hand over their hard earned dollars.

You can use your email marketing list to make that happen. Give them useful letters that provide information they can apply to their lives. Tell them about how to use the products you are selling or other niche-specific information. This will help to build your reputation as an authority in your niche and to improve your brand image.

If you do this in conjunction with other smart branding choices, you will see a difference in your business success over the course of time. You will be glad you began your email marketing endeavors!

The New York State A.T.A.P. Certification Explained

The New York Alcohol Training Awareness Program, better known as the ATAP training program is a training program designed to professionalize the alcohol serving industry and thereby allowing licensed establishments to serve alcohol in a safe environment. As such, the training to attain the ATAP certificate is provided by certified ATAP schools. These are best schools which are authorized and mandated by the New York State Liquor Authority to provide the training while ensuring that it meets the set guidelines.

Even though an ATAP certification is not compulsory as par state laws for one to be a bartender, manager, or server, many establishments serving alcoholic beverages require their employees to have one. Rather than have inexperienced workers serving their clients, bars and restaurants are putting more emphasis on having only trained workers serving alcoholic drinks, to reduce litigation.

Thus many business owners, managers, bar backs, bartenders, and servers are attaining this certification for their benefit as well as their employers. The program has proved to be quite useful due to the design of the program, which aims to achieve the following:

#1. Help alcoholic drink vendors identify minors,
#2. Help bartender and servers understand how to prevent secondary party sell,
#3. Help everyone involved in the sale of alcohol now how to inspect IDs and how to spot the fake ID,
#4. Help establishment managers, bartenders, servers prevent and handle any disturbances that may arise,
#5. Help bartender and servers understand, recognize, and prevent alcohol intoxication, and
#6. Help all parties involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages understand the New York ABC rules.

Consequently, this program has been credited with reducing the number of underage drinking, improving the environment within entertainment establishment, improved compliance with the ABC laws, and the preservation of safety and health of the attendees.

Benefits Of A Mobile Friendly Website

There was a time when only a few people carried smartphones in their pockets, but these days, it is almost impossible to find an adult without a smartphone. It is estimated that more than 60% adults in America carry smartphones in their pocket. Also, the market for wearable is increasing at a fast pace. These wearable connect to Internet allow users to do all kinds of activities online. In other words, the market is shifting to small screens, and it is important for businesses to adapt to this new reality. nyc seo specialist think that regarding search engine optimization as well as conversion optimization, it is important for companies to invest in a mobile-friendly website to make sure that user experience does not suffer due to lack of a mobile site. More than 50% people in the world connect online on a mobile device which means they also browse websites on a mobile device. If the internet site of a business isn’t mobile friendly, users won’t shy away from tapping the back button and choosing another website which is mobile friendly.

Another reason to invest in a mobile-friendly website is that search engines also consider mobile friendliness an important factor for mobile searches. In other words, a mobile friendly website will rank higher as compared to a non-mobile friendly website for mobile searches provided all the other factors are equal.

It’s not that difficult to convert an existing website to a mobile friendly site. There are some web agencies that can help a business turn their existing website to a mobile friendly website at an affordable price. Conversion to a mobile friendly site will not only assist in enhancing user experience that may lead to better conversion rate, but it will also help with high rankings in the search engines when it comes to mobile searches.

Greek Falafels Versus Israeli Falafels: Which Are Better?

BBQ fans have long-standing and seemingly eternal debates about whether Kansas or Carolina styles are better. There is a similar debate raging within the community of falafel fans. Two primary styles of falafels are known throughout the world, one being Greek, and the other Israeli. The ongoing debate is which one is better than the other.

Falafels in general are a wonderful food. When they are traditionally made, they are in fact a vegan food but serve as a good source of protein for anyone that has adopted a diet free of meat. Those in food business consulting know that there is also not much fat to falafel, and even little to no cholesterol if a heart-friendly grapeseed oil is used for the frying. A good falafel can become a full meal when it is topped with veggies and put in a pita.

Israeli falafels were adopted from the regional Arab cuisine. The most prevalent form is made using chickpeas. Israeli falafels using pita pocketing are actually the most popular fast food in Israel. Those of and from Israel, as well as recent visitors, swear by Israeli falafels. Watch this video of how this traditional street food is prepared:

Traditional Greek Falafel Platter

Traditional Greek Falafel Platter

On the other hand, Greeks are very proud of their cuisine, and visitors to Greece for vacations get exposed to the other style of falafel. Greece if more of a Mediterranean nation than a Middle Eastern one, as it is fully in Europe (even neighboring Turkey is partly in Asia, geographically and culturally). As such, the ingredients and methodology of making falafels is a bit different, although the food is pretty identical to its Arabic roots, perhaps just not as much as Israeli falafels.

The truth is that both styles of falafel are good and healthy eating when made right. The choice over which is better is often a subjective one based on you where you traveled and what you have been exposed to culturally.

Sprecken Zee Greek?

Before you go anywhere – you should learn the language. Trust me, I went to Israel not knowing a stitch of Hebrew and although everyone thinks English, I felt stupid. So in order to prepare you for your travels in Greece – here’s a video that will teach you common words and phrases that you can use in your travels!