Greek Falafels Versus Israeli Falafels: Which Are Better?

BBQ fans have long-standing and seemingly eternal debates about whether Kansas or Carolina styles are better. There is a similar debate raging within the community of falafel fans. Two primary styles of falafels are known throughout the world, one being Greek, and the other Israeli. The ongoing debate is which one is better than the other.

Falafels in general are a wonderful food. When they are traditionally made, they are in fact a vegan food but serve as a good source of protein for anyone that has adopted a diet free of meat. Those in food business consulting know that there is also not much fat to falafel, and even little to no cholesterol if a heart-friendly grapeseed oil is used for the frying. A good falafel can become a full meal when it is topped with veggies and put in a pita.

Israeli falafels were adopted from the regional Arab cuisine. The most prevalent form is made using chickpeas. Israeli falafels using pita pocketing are actually the most popular fast food in Israel. Those of and from Israel, as well as recent visitors, swear by Israeli falafels. Watch this video of how this traditional street food is prepared:

Traditional Greek Falafel Platter

Traditional Greek Falafel Platter

On the other hand, Greeks are very proud of their cuisine, and visitors to Greece for vacations get exposed to the other style of falafel. Greece if more of a Mediterranean nation than a Middle Eastern one, as it is fully in Europe (even neighboring Turkey is partly in Asia, geographically and culturally). As such, the ingredients and methodology of making falafels is a bit different, although the food is pretty identical to its Arabic roots, perhaps just not as much as Israeli falafels.

The truth is that both styles of falafel are good and healthy eating when made right. The choice over which is better is often a subjective one based on you where you traveled and what you have been exposed to culturally.