The New York State A.T.A.P. Certification Explained

The New York Alcohol Training Awareness Program, better known as the ATAP training program is a training program designed to professionalize the alcohol serving industry and thereby allowing licensed establishments to serve alcohol in a safe environment. As such, the training to attain the ATAP certificate is provided by certified ATAP schools. These are best schools which are authorized and mandated by the New York State Liquor Authority to provide the training while ensuring that it meets the set guidelines.

Even though an ATAP certification is not compulsory as par state laws for one to be a bartender, manager, or server, many establishments serving alcoholic beverages require their employees to have one. Rather than have inexperienced workers serving their clients, bars and restaurants are putting more emphasis on having only trained workers serving alcoholic drinks, to reduce litigation.

Thus many business owners, managers, bar backs, bartenders, and servers are attaining this certification for their benefit as well as their employers. The program has proved to be quite useful due to the design of the program, which aims to achieve the following:

#1. Help alcoholic drink vendors identify minors,
#2. Help bartender and servers understand how to prevent secondary party sell,
#3. Help everyone involved in the sale of alcohol now how to inspect IDs and how to spot the fake ID,
#4. Help establishment managers, bartenders, servers prevent and handle any disturbances that may arise,
#5. Help bartender and servers understand, recognize, and prevent alcohol intoxication, and
#6. Help all parties involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages understand the New York ABC rules.

Consequently, this program has been credited with reducing the number of underage drinking, improving the environment within entertainment establishment, improved compliance with the ABC laws, and the preservation of safety and health of the attendees.