Three Greek Dishes You Must Try When Visiting The Country

olives-1266665_640Greek cuisine features all kinds of great food dishes. You may have tried some Greek food in other countries, but it doesn’t get more authentic than traveling to Greece and sampling all of the finest delicacies in their home country. It’s traditional Mediterranean cuisine at its finest, whether you’re up for a delicious gyro or a simple appetizer of olives mixed in olive oil.

You can certainly enjoy olives in olive oil anywhere in the world. However, this is a dish you want to try when visiting Greece, a place known for its plump, juicy and delicious olives and the natural oil they are marinaded in. Both are cooking staples in the country, so you’re going to encounter plenty of dishes cooked in olive oil and that require olives as an ingredient, too.

Have you heard of fish roe dip? There are actually all kinds of dips that you can try, one of them being a cucumber and garlic dip which many associate with the lamb gyros. While in Greece, you want to try the fish roe dip, the technical name being Taramasalata. There are different ways this dip can be made, but a bread base is quite popular. Olive oil is also part of the equation. This authentic Greek dish is one that you don’t want to leave the country without trying.

One more Greek dish you can’t pass up is layered Moussaka. Different meats baked in a dish with potatoes, veggies, cheeses and more is what you get with this traditional meal. Of course, there are plenty of other great foods to try, like the fast food gyros and the skewers that are known to be so popular in Greece, too. You might as well have it all as you travel to Greece. Think about all of the great grilled meats and Mediterranean style delicacies that await you.